Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My new "project" - Gold capping my Brother

So my brother came to me today asking about how to make money. He knows I have a decent stash of gold but never really bothered to ask how I do it until today. It came to a shock for him that I have zero gathering professions and rarely leave the city to make money.

So I have a new "project". I want to teach my brother how to play the AH and teach him to dominate the AH. Now this is going to be a slight challenge because he is on a full population server and I have never played on the server, let alone looked at the AH.

Currently he's starting out with mining and herbalism; just running around being your typical farmer. Let's face it, most of us were a farmer at one point and it's the easiest way to acquire initial capital. He's starting off with 300g to his name and zero assets. He has 1 80 and 2 chars in the low to mid 70s and eventually will work up a JC and scribe.

I probably won't talk too much about him but I figured I'd keep you all updated periodically on his progress. Let's see if my low pop backwater server knowledge can be applied to a full server that's one of the original release servers (5+? years).


  1. Aha interesting.
    I am playing on one of the first servers in Europe with VERY high progress in pve (3 guilds in world top 100) and it is really different from med and low pop servers. It can be really hard sometimes, but fun!

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