Friday, June 18, 2010

Future of Inscription? The eraser?

In a recent gameplanet interview Ghostcrawler talks about how exactly the new glyph system will work in theory.

Gameplanet: What does that mean for the inscription profession?

Street: We’re going to focus inscription on more of the non-glyph aspect of the trade skill. So, Darkmoon Faire cards, trinkets, offhand items, things like that. We also want to tie the ability to change glyphs into inscription. We’re not sure of the name yet but the idea is that scribes would basically sell a kind of eraser and the eraser is what allows you to blank out your glyphs and write in new ones.

What does this mean for scribes? I honestly think Inscription will be the new big money maker. Not that it is not currently but I think the potential will be greater then that of gems and raid consumables.

We will get new glyphs called "medium" glyphs at the moment. These glyphs are not meant to be the power house skill / spell changers that major glyphs are but they will increase your overall performance somehow, just not directly.

So on top of everybody filling out their glyph books for their characters, we will have new glyphs to craft on top of it. Add in a consumable to change the glyphs and viola we now have a secure raiding requirement. I think that with this change a lot more people will be changing their glyphs depending on the fight and every time they do, they consume an eraser in which we create and sell.

I'm probably the only scribe that is actually excited for cata. I truly am looking forward to the new expansion because I really think we will be pulling in the buku bucks since all the mmo-champ bandwagon scribes are already jumping ship. Go take a look around the web at sites such as wowhead and the sort. People are already writing off inscription as a dead profession and beta hasn't even been released. lol.

For more information on the interview with Ghostcrawler and gameplanet check it out at


  1. Hey Carbon, and great to see you're back from your break!
    Your blog is probably what inspired me to start earning gold again after I took a break. I've earned about 14k this week or so only on enchanting scrolls and inscription so yeah. Thanks for being inspirational ;)
    About the post, I must say I pretty much thought the same immediately as I heard the news. First I raged, then I remembered that since almost all cards were supposed to become as good as nobles were in LK, and that all other scribes are jumping ship, profit is going to be huge purely from cards. This eraser is just a great big bonus that's going to be a must for every serious raider, such as myself. Changing glyphs on a boss fight basis is probably become more common, and if us remaining scribes can drive up prices, this eraser could potentially be a huge moneymaker as you say.

    I think we might need to capitalise very fast to make sure we get as much gold before people return, or gradually pump a bit into the market to prevent them from realizing it. What's your thoughts on the new technique pacing btw?

  2. Welcome Back Carbon. Missed yer insights whilst ye were away.

    And Yes...Inscription is going to be F.U.N.